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5 Ways to Increase Your Sales Using Social Media

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Nearly 60% of consumers said social media directly influences their purchasing decisions.1

3. Partner with influencers

Another way to increase your sales is to partner with a social media influencer in your industry. An influencer is someone with a large and engaged following, often on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. Many will offer brands an opportunity to sponsor a post. You can ask them to post about your products in exchange for money or samples. Getting their stamp of approval can drive customers to your site and boost sales.

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing channels for customer acquisition.8 That's likely because it has a good return on investment. Businesses earn an average of $6.50 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing.9

4. Encourage user-generated content

Another way to drive sales is to encourage customers to post about your brand. Called “user-generated content," it's a powerful way to sell, with 79% of consumers saying it has a high impact on their purchasing decisions.10

One way to get more user-generated content is to hold a contest. For example, ask customers to share a photo of themselves with your products on their social media platforms. Provide a special hashtag, and then award a prize through a random drawing or to the person who gets the most likes for their post.

Consumers may also post about your brand on their own. In fact, 60% of customers create content about a company and its products simply to get more social media likes—especially from the brand.11

5. Strike the right balance

Customers will be turned off if your channels turn into all ads, so don't be tempted to turn your accounts into blatant marketing campaigns. They'll likely tune out, and you'll risk losing followers. Instead, walk the fine line between engaging and selling by combining valuable, eye-catching content with a subtle way to make a purchase.

A soft sell is the best way to sell on social media.

Important Disclosure Information

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