Succession Planning

Being prepared for unpredictable events can help ensure the security and prosperity of your employees and your business. To prepare for your ongoing success, we can customize insurance coverage1 specifically for your business’s needs.

Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance is life and disability insurance used to manage the risk of losing one of your essential people. Top sales leaders, professionals, technical experts and executives are valuable corporate assets. Losing someone due to death, disability, or being recruited by a competitor can jeopardize company stability. Life and disability insurance offer benefits that can offset loss of revenue and costs of recruiting and training replacement talent. Life insurance cash value and death benefit can also be important tools to create “golden handcuffs” or additional retention benefits to incentivize key persons to stay with your organization. Our seasoned team of Private Wealth Advisors and Financial Advisors work with over 30 carefully-selected insurance carriers to help you get the coverage in place that’s specifically designed for you and your business.

Buy/Sell Agreement

A well-drafted and properly funded buy-sell agreement can protect the interests of business owners and help facilitate the continuation of a business in the event of unplanned events such as death, disability, retirement or termination. Many successful business owners plan ahead by having a current buy-sell agreement. Unfortunately, too many of these same successful business owners do not have the agreement funded. A non-funded agreement leaves the business in a vulnerable position for unplanned events. Our seasoned team of Private Wealth Advisors and Financial Advisors can help you identify the right funding customized to your company’s financial goals. Funding may include; cash, loans, savings, installment sale and insurance. We’ll help you get the right coverage in place so you’ll feel confident your business will continue as planned.

Important Disclosure Information

  1. Life insurance may be purchased from Synovus Securities, Inc. (“SSI”), an affiliate of Synovus Bank or from an independent insurance agency. Approval of any bank product or service is not contingent upon purchasing insurance from Synovus Securities, Inc. or any other Synovus affiliate. Insurance products marketed through Synovus Securities, Inc. are underwritten by insurance companies not affiliated with Synovus and are subject to normal underwriting procedures. Investment products offered through Synovus Securities are NOT FDIC insured, are not deposits of or other obligations of Synovus Bank, are not guaranteed by Synovus Bank and involve investment risk, including possible loss of principal. Back

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