Your Enhanced Synovus Gateway Accelerate AR Lockbox Experience

Synovus Accelerate AR Lockbox Tools and Resources

Synovus Accelerate AR Lockbox User Guide – A comprehensive user guide to support your use of Lockbox services.

Address Change Template Communications – The communication templates below are provided to help simplify sharing of you organization’s new P.O. Box address to your remitters.

Note: Please begin using your new P.O. Box address immediately.

Synovus Gateway Digital Commercial Resources – A permanent site at housing all Synovus Gateway related tools and resources, including those related to Synovus Accelerate AR Lockbox and the Synovus Accelerate AR Suite. Tip: Be sure to bookmark the page for ongoing reference as needed.



Have Questions? We’re here to help.

If you have reviewed available resources and still have questions, or need assistance getting started with Synovus Accelerate AR Lockbox on June 15, contact your Relationship Manager, Treasury Management Consultant, or call Synovus Customer Care at 1-888-SYNOVUS (796-6887) and say “Lockbox.”

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