Synovus Accelerate FX1 is an end-to-end digital portal that simplifies foreign exchange payments and trading with enhanced capabilities and controls, including Multi-currency Accounts (MCAs).

Safely and securely transact foreign exchange quickly, easily and cost-efficiently with convenient access through Synovus Gateway.SM Additionally, the platform offers Multi-Currency Accounts (MCAs) to purchase foreign currencies in bulk, making it easy for businesses to send and receive payments overseas regularly. Synovus clients also benefit from convenient features, including payment initiation, self-administration of internal users, permissions and limits.

Accelerate FX features and benefits

Service options1 include:

  • Live FX rates and real time balances to inform buy/sell decisions
  • Multi-currency Accounts
  • FX hedging solutions
  • Self-administration of internal users, permissions and limits
  • Bulk payments
  • Configurable workflow for expanded control options, and much more

Synovus Multi-currency Accounts

Synovus Multi-currency Accounts are accounts that you may open and operate in a foreign currency.

The account allows you to send and receive wire transfers2 in a designated foreign currency. Better yet, Synovus MCAs are truly Synovus accounts and are never held at an outside or foreign institution, so you can enjoy the convenience and assurance of banking with us, your known partner. Plus, MCAs are FDIC-insured for added peace of mind.

MCA advantages include:

  • Multiple currency options – Select from: Canadian dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR), Pound sterling (GBP), Japanese yen (JPY), or Australian dollar (AUD), with additional currencies forthcoming.
  • Easy setup – It is quick and easy to set up your Synovus MCA. No additional steps required since the account is Synovus held.
  • Convenient access – Easily access and manage your MCA through the Gateway digital banking portal with Accelerate FX.
  • No need to convert funds – Eliminates the requirement to convert foreign currency collections and payments to U.S. dollars.
  • Reduced cost and risk – MCAs reduce foreign exchange costs and reduce the risk of potential loss due to market fluctuations.
  • Simplified bulk currency purchase – Leverage an MCA to purchase foreign currencies in bulk, making it easy to send and receive payments overseas regularly.

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Contact your Synovus representative or call Customer Care at 888- SYNOVUS (796-6887). Or, simply complete a short contact form and we’ll be in touch to assist you.

Important disclosure information

This service is provided by a third-party service provider (“Vendor”). Synovus Bank and the Vendor are independent and unrelated companies. By establishing this service, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of the Vendor.

  1. Additional balances and/or fees may apply for Treasury and Payment Solutions. All products subject to approval. Some solutions require Synovus GatewaySM digital banking. Back
  2. Synovus Multi-currency Accounts function with incoming and outgoing wire transfers only. a Multi-currency Account does not allow for receiving other forms of payment, including but not limited to check deposits or drafts. Back