Celebrating National Black Business Month

We’re proud to work and partner with Black-owned businesses across our footprint. Black-owned businesses account for over 3 billion of the businesses in the United States, supplying millions of jobs and generating over $200 billion in revenue each year. While that may seem like a large number on its own, Black-owned businesses only make up around 3% of total businesses in the U.S.

As we observe Black-Owned Business Month, we’re shining a light on the stats that make them impactful and highlight the contributions they make to the community.

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Sources: Pew Research, US Census Bureau
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While they provide valuable economic impact and employment for their communities, Black business owners also are an important source of inspiration and leadership for aspiring black entrepreneurs. Read more about our clients and community leaders, Roman, Daine, Ben, and Jamison, as we recognize their achievements and share the impact they’ve made.

National Black Business Month Highlight: Roman Fonteno

To Roman, owner of Child Growth and Development, National Black Business Month is about shedding light on the perseverance and resilience of Black-owned businesses. Read his story here.

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National Black Business Month Highlight: DESA Inc.

A desire to create a path for herself is how Diane became the CEO and owner of DESA Inc. Read how her 30+ year relationship with Synovus and strategic mind have empowered her to impact communities across the southeast.

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National Black Business Month Highlight: Ben Hatcher

For nearly 60 years, Ben Hatcher has provided comfort and care for families when they need it most through his business, Hatcher Funeral Home. Read about his journey and aspirations for future generations of Black business owners here.

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National Black Business Month Highlight: Jamison Hadley

Meet Jamison, a third-generation business owner. For him, the best part of his job is making a difference in the lives of his 80 employees. Read more about how he’s expanded upon his family’s legacy.

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