Love of community motivates Kristy Stewart’s volunteerism

Stewart supports students at Chalkville Elementary School Career/Financial Literacy Fair in Birmingham, Alabama.

When a hurricane struck Kristy Stewart's hometown of Pleasant Grove, Alabama, in 2011, the American Red Cross and United Way were the first to help her through the disaster recovery. The senior wholesale relationship associate said that moment in her life motivated her to encourage others to volunteer and give back to their communities. “I know firsthand the impact of receiving support during unexpected times,” Stewart shares.

A seasoned volunteer, Stewart spent her childhood volunteering at nursing homes and participating in community service activities with the Girl Scouts of America. Today she lives in Birmingham and continues to serve the community. She is always willing to assist anyone in need with a genuine and sincere heart.

Her passion and dedication to helping others reach their full potential has led her to many organizations in her community over the years. Stewart volunteers with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and the Junior League of Birmingham. However, her favorite volunteer activities are in middle and high schools. She said she finds the students genuinely curious and imaginative. Stewart says she enjoys spending time with her “bank nieces and nephews,” who often ask her about her job, if she likes it and even inquire about how much she earns.

Stewart believes it’s important to instill the value of money into children at a young age so they can make informed decisions in the future. She teaches students the skills to manage their finances and navigate real-life situations.

“I know firsthand the impact of receiving support during unexpected times.”
Stewart speaks to Junior League of Birmingham.

For Stewart, the joy of volunteering comes from pouring joy into the lives of others. One of her most memorable experiences was spending an entire day volunteering at a school and working the bus and carpool line. She said she loves building confidence through knowledge and telling children they can be anything they want to be.

Overall, Stewart is deeply committed to investing in the futures of young people and making a positive impact in her community. In 2024, Synovus awarded her with its Here Matters Community Outreach Award for her outstanding community service.

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Stewart hosts table at South Hampton K-8 School's Career Fair in Birmingham, Alabama.