Scott Reynolds pushes to see more women in tech, leadership

Reynolds poses in front of a sign announcing him as a finalist for the WIT Build Her Up award.

Stepping into the information technology industry, Scott Reynolds, manager of information technology (IT), noticed women were underrepresented. In October 2023, his steadfast support of women earned him the Women in Technology - Atlanta (WIT) Build Her Up Award. WIT encourages girls and women to excel in science, technology, engineering, the arts and math from the classroom to the boardroom.

In his acceptance speech, Reynolds thanked his mother, Janice Reynolds, for being the example of strength and perseverance he needed as a child. “My mom was my first role model, as I said in my speech that night,” Reynolds shares. “I wanted to show her I try to pay it forward daily for all she’s given me. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Reynolds began working in IT at Synovus in 2020. Even though his background is 14 years in retail tech, he welcomed the challenge of entering the IT field. “It’s great to be in a role where I learn as much from my team as they can learn from me,” Reynolds says. In addition to WIT, his support of other women’s groups includes Synovus Women in Technology, where he continues learning about the IT industry. Outside of Synovus he is involved with Atlanta Technology Professionals, WIT Georgia, Technology Association of Georgia and two community outreach organizations, Inspiredu and The Bridge Inc.

His love for people started before he attended SpringHill College in Mobile, Alabama, majoring in psychology and minoring in technology and business administration. “I have always been fascinated with people’s behaviors,” he shares. “What makes us do what we do and act the way we act.” He predicted a private practice as a therapist was in his future, but his college minor alongside leading people became his passion.

Even in IT, he’s been able to tap into his psychology education and understand which solutions would make a difference in leadership. “Understanding what drives people’s behaviors is a valuable skill for any leader. The ability to help a team reach its goals by creating positive behaviors and collaboration is the key to any great team. And it’s simply psychology,” he says.

“My mom was my first role model, as I said in my speech that night. I wanted to show her I try to pay it forward daily for all she’s given me. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Reynolds takes impact, leadership and helping others to heart. He’s used his role to encourage women’s entry and elevation in the technology industry. He believes a part of his responsibility as a leader is to uplift and promote talent regardless of gender. Earning the WIT award, he takes pride in knowing he’s making a difference. He’s proud to be a change agent but still feels supporting women should happen naturally.

Reynolds and his mother, Janice Reynolds, with Minnie Mouse at Disneyworld Florida.

“It feels odd to be recognized for something everyone should do rather than doing something out of the ordinary because I support inclusion,” Reynolds says. “When I was nominated for the award, I thought, ‘This act of objectively recognizing talent is something normal for me.’”

Reynolds has had women help guide and mentor him throughout his career – all of whom he still holds in high regard. “I’ve had a lot of instrumental leaders in my life, and the female leaders are the ones I’ve learned the most from,” he shares.

A bit of advice he impresses on the women who cross his path is to make your voice heard. “Everyone has value to add to a situation. No matter who you are or who’s around you,” Reynolds says.

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