Synovus Securities Bank Deposit Sweep Program Rates

Important disclosure information

For historical yield and rate information, please contact your Synovus Securities Advisor or call 800-332-3403.

The Bank Deposit Sweep Program consists of interest-bearing deposit accounts at Synovus Bank, which is an affiliate of Synovus Securities. The rate of return for the Bank Deposit Sweep on the deposit accounts will vary over time and may be lower than rates available to customers making deposits directly with Synovus Bank, or at other banks. Interest rates on the deposit accounts are tiered based on the daily collected balance.

There is no guarantee that the yield on the Bank Deposit Sweep Program option will remain higher than other sweep vehicles over any given period. The rate of return on any sweep vehicle may be lower than that of similar options offered outside of the sweep program. For further information, please see the Synovus Bank Deposit Sweep Program Disclosure.