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Alabama (North)

Allen Pair
NMLS: 415570
Office: 205-874-1456
Cell: 205-567-3061

Alabama (South/Central), Florida (Panhandle) and Georgia (South/Central)

Ashley Valentini
NMLS: 640457
Office: 706-649-5329
Cell: 706-332-3220

Florida (Northeast/Central/South)

Michael Dietz
NMLS: 853773
Office: 727-824-8724
Cell: 727-244-2736

Georgia (Atlanta)

Gordon Bussey, Jr.
NMLS: 455391
Office: 404-364-2772
Cell: 404-702-5681

Georgia (North), South Carolina and North Carolina

Charles White
NMLS: 640462
Office: 864-241-7931
Cell: 864-419-2300


Steve Shoemaker
NMLS:  189482
Office: 205-874-1331
Cell: 205-368-5545