Open a certificate of deposit (CD) or Money Market1 account in a few steps.

CD and Money Market Accounts are low risk investments that may offer you a better return on your money than traditional savings accounts. Plus, they’re backed by the security of FDIC insurance2.

Money Market Account

Earn more interest3 on your balances without tying up too much of your cash with our Relationship Money Market account.

  • No minimum balance required to earn interest. Earn more interest by maintaining higher deposit balances or participating in a relationship program with Synovus.3,4 View tiered interest rates here5 or learn more about Synovus Plus, Synovus Inspire, or Synovus Private Wealth.6
  • Minimum to open is $100. Avoid a $10 monthly service fee by maintaining a minimum ending balance of $2,500 at the time of statement cycle in Synovus deposit or investment account balances.4
  • My Synovus Digital Banking7 account access
  • Up to 6 no-free transactions per month.1
  • Receive statements quarterly, or monthly when combined with your checking statement.8
  • Free notary services

Certificates of Deposit

Open a new personal CD online – we’re offering a special promotional rate when you bring over $10,000 in new funds. Keep your funds secure and lock in a competitive rate.

We also offer a variety of other CD types and term lengths that you can open at one of our branch locations. Call or go online to make an appointment to open an account today.

To learn more about how to qualify for our best rates, check out our relationship programs Synovus Plus, Synovus Inspire, or Synovus Private Wealth.

Important Disclosure Information

All accounts are subject to approval.

  1. Subject to transfer fee, regardless of the account balance, after allowed limit is exceeded. Refer to the Schedule of Fees and Charges. Back
  2. The standard insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor. Visit for more information. Back
  3. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is subject to change without notice. No minimum balance required to earn interest. The interest rate on the entire balance of your account will be paid based on the applicable daily balance tier. Account has variable interest rate subject to change after account opening and without notice. Interest is earned on account balances greater than $0, compounded daily, credited monthly and paid on the collected balance, using the daily balance method. Fees may reduce earnings. Back
  4. Includes personal checking, savings, money market, CD or IRA accounts with Synovus Bank and Synovus Securities, Inc accounts held by their custodian, National Financial Services (NFS). Synovus Securities Inc. is the broker/dealer affiliate of Synovus Bank and is a member FINRA/SIPC and an SEC Registered Advisor. Investment products are NOT FDIC INSURED, NO BANK GUARANTEE, MAY LOSE VALUE. Back
  5. Rates are subject to change without notice. Back
  6. Standard Rates accurate as of 06/27/2022. All Relationship Money Market accounts receive Relationship Rates shown at initial account opening (or conversion for existing Synovus money market accounts). Customer relationships are evaluated every month-end to determine relationship rate qualification. To continue receiving Relationship Rates after the first month-end evaluation, you must meet the necessary relationship requirements. If you do not meet the relationship requirements to receive preferred rates under a Synovus relationship program (Synovus Plus, Synovus Inspire, Synovus Private Wealth), your Relationship Money Market account will receive Standard Rates after month-end evaluation. Back
  7. Use of the My Synovus mobile app requires your mobile service provider's data and /or text plan. Message and data rates may apply. Back
  8. Combined statements mailed monthly, statements for other accounts mailed quarterly Back
  9. Offer is for a 13-month promotional rate CD with interest credited annually. Only single account ownership is available at this time. Note this is a digital offer, so a valid email address is required. Your CD must be funded through electronic ACH transfer and documents must be exchanged & signed electronically. We’ve partnered with DocuSign to ensure files are securely transmitted. Learn more about the process so you know what to expect or see a short demo. Back
  10. To obtain the promotional annual percentage yield (APY) listed, accurate as of 6/27/2022, a minimum opening deposit of $10,000 in new funds not currently on deposit with Synovus Bank is required. Relationship program customers eligible for a higher relationship rate. APY applies to initial term only. CD automatically renews for another 13-month term at rates in effect at that time. Interest compounded daily. Penalty for early withdrawal. Withdrawals of principal are not permitted within the first 60 days of initial transfer of funds. Fees could reduce earnings. Rates not available for collateralized deposits. All accounts subject to approval. This is a limited-time offer which may be discontinued at any time. Back

Interested in a CD or Money Market?

Visit your local branch or contact us to check our current rates.

Schedule of Fees and Charges for Personal Accounts


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