Picture-perfect relationship helps broadcast services company through difficult times

“We are thankful Synovus was willing to do the hard work. ”

“I know many banks steered clear of the Main Street Lending program, but it deprived their customers of a great benefit when they perhaps needed it most. While the program was difficult and cumbersome, it has been enormously helpful in enabling us to continue providing the high level of service our customers expect. We are thankful Synovus was willing to do the hard work [required of the program],” says Goldsmith.

Goldsmith was approached by other bankers over the last 15 months, but he wasn’t interested in switching banks. “Before they made their pitches, I shared with them how Synovus has taken care of us throughout the pandemic – all with competitive rates,” he said.

After hearing the Red House Holdings-Synovus story, even competitors understand it’s the perfect relationship.

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