Sunny skies and calm seas for this water sports company, with help from Synovus

“It's a hometown banking operation. You feel that you're not just a number to them like you would be with a big bank."

The banking relationship McCullough has with Henz — and Synovus — goes beyond transactional. While McCullough has long been adept at deploying kayaks and jet skis and arranging dolphin cruises and alligator tours, he wasn't always as confident about his business acumen.

“Tom has taught me so much about the finance world and how to run a business," McCullough said. “He taught me about budgeting and how to finance debt. I'm not sure what I would do without him."

That relationship goes both ways. “I always felt he had a lot of faith and trust in what I was doing as an entrepreneur," he said.

McCullough uses Synovus for his business checking and savings accounts in addition to turning to the bank for financing options.

His latest venture is building a 38-foot catamaran that will hold 24 passengers. It's another way to expand the offerings at H2O Sports. So far, McCullough hasn't needed any financing, but he knows if he needs help with the last phase of the build, Synovus will be there.

In fact, McCullough said he identifies his Hilton Head business success so closely with Synovus that he's already decided that his banking team, including Henz, will be some of his new boat's first passengers.

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