For Almost 100 Years, Clinic Drug Store Has Served Americus

“We are accessible to patients just like Synovus is accessible to its clients.”

The Clinic Drug Store’s people are why the pharmacy has stayed in business this long, and Pinnell sees that same spirit of partnership reflected in their relationship with Synovus. “[Retail Market Manager] Tami Duke is just a call or a text away,” says Pinnell. “We just pick up the phone and ask. Her service is timely and invaluable. It’s personal and professional every single time, and it’s really the reason we are still in business with Synovus.”

It’s the large amounts of capital and the goal setting, but it’s also the small things, such as the bank being proactive in catching errors that could slow the pharmacy down. Synovus takes care of it before we even know it’s a problem,” she explains.

Maintaining and operating a 95-year-old institution means there are always things on the horizon that pop up. And while Pinnell doesn’t always know what those will be, she’s not worried. “We can get there together [with Synovus] based on past experience. We are both community-minded businesses, and we take care of each other.”

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