Board of Directors


Catherine A. Allen
Chairman and CEO
The Santa Fe Group

Tim E. Bentsen
Audit Partner and
Practice Leader (Ret.)

Stephen T. Butler
Chairman of the Board
W.C. Bradley Co. 

Elizabeth W. Camp
President and CEO
DF Management, Inc.


T. Michael Goodrich*
Goodrich Management, LLC

V. Nathaniel Hansford
President (Ret.)
North Georgia College and
State University

Jerry W. Nix
Vice Chairman
and CFO (Ret.)
Genuine Parts Company

Dr. Harris Pastides
University of South Carolina


Joseph J. Prochaska, Jr.
Executive Vice President and
Chief Accounting Officer (Ret.)
MetLife, Inc.

Kessel D. Stelling
Chairman of the Board,
President & CEO

Dr. Melvin T. Stith
Dean (Ret.)
Whitman School of Management
Syracuse University

Barry L. Storey
BLS Holdings Group, LLC


Phillip W. Tomlinson
Chairman of the Board (Ret.)
Total System Services, Inc.



*Lead Director

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