CARES ACT – Paycheck Protection Program

Required Documents: Self Employed and Contractors

Important disclosure information

Your application to participate in the SBA Paycheck Protection Program is subject to confirmation and review of payroll and financial information as well as SBA approval.

By submitting an application, you certify the applicant has been negatively impacted by COVID-19, is not ineligible for the Paycheck Protection Program and will use the proceeds from this loan for eligible purposes under the Paycheck Protection Program. In addition, neither the applicant nor any of the owners listed above are in default of obligations to Synovus or named in active litigation brought by Synovus. You further certify that the applicant does not have an active application with another institution and has not received a loan from any other institution under the Paycheck Protection Program. You understand that Synovus will not pay fees to or otherwise compensate anyone acting as an agent of the applicant for advising on or assisting in the preparation of the Paycheck Protection Program application or otherwise. You also certify that you are a duly authorized representative of the applicant and authorized to sign all documents on behalf of the applicant in connection with the Paycheck Protection Program. All information provided in this form is true, accurate and correct and you're fully aware of the penalties for submitting false information.