PPP first draw borrowers

We’re open! The SBA Paycheck Protection Program has been extended through May 31, 2021, and Synovus is once again accepting PPP loan applications through our online portal. Use the links below to get started. A little more than a year has passed since PPP began, and we’re still here and ready to support you. Thank you for allowing us to help secure much-needed financial assistance for your business.

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Understanding eligibility and documentation requirements

Where can I find the most up-to-date policies and guidelines surrounding the Paycheck Protection Program?
The latest guidance from the Small Business Administration (SBA) can be found on the SBA website.

Which businesses are eligible to apply for a first-time PPP loan?
You may be eligible for a PPP loan if your business:

  • was operational before February 15, 2020 and has not permanently closed,
  • has 500 or fewer employees,
  • has 500 or fewer employees per location if your business has multiple locations, for businesses in certain sectors.

Borrower eligibility for an initial PPP loan has been expanded to include some other businesses that were previously ineligible, including housing cooperatives, eligible 501(c)(6) organizations, and eligible destination marketing organizations that employ no more than 300 employees; news organizations majority owned/controlled by a NAICS 511110/5151 business, or nonprofit public broadcasting entities with a trade or business under NAICS 511110/5151; and other entities that meet general PPP requirements. Borrowers are responsible for determining whether they are eligible for a PPP loan and are required to certify to their eligibility when they apply for a PPP loan. Visit the SBA’s website here, or view the application to learn more.

What documentation will I need to submit?
Information and documentation needed to apply for a PPP loan with Synovus can be found here.

For more information on required documentation and how loan amounts are calculated, visit the U.S. Treasury’s website here.

Getting started with your PPP loan application

How will the PPP process or application work?
The Synovus PPP loan application process for uploading supporting documentation, providing required certifications, and submitting and signing the application will be completely online.

Please be aware, information on every individual or business entity with 20% or more equity interest in the applying entity will be required for the application.

It’s important to note the SBA, and not Synovus, sets the eligibility criteria for a loan and the parameters that determine the loan amount.

What if I want another authorized signer or employee to sign, fill out and submit the application?
Business owners who own more than 20% of the business, and/or employees who have received documented permission from the principal are eligible to fill out and submit the PPP application. Synovus will not pay fees to or otherwise compensate anyone acting as an agent of the applicant for advising on or assisting in the preparation of the PPP application or otherwise. If a borrower has knowingly retained an agent, such fees will be paid by the borrower.

I completed a paper application, what should I do?
If you’ve already completed a paper application, you’re well positioned to enter the information into our online application.

Using our online portal

Do I have to complete all of my application at once?
No. You can click on the “Save and come back later” button at the bottom of the page within the application, and your progress will be saved up until that point. Once you click the button, you will also receive an email reminder with a link to return and complete your application.

Can I change my loan application after I’ve started the process?
Yes. Once you’ve logged into the portal, you will see a ribbon on the left side of the screen showing where you are in each stage of your application. You can click on any stage and make changes as appropriate.

I’ve locked myself out of my account, what should I do?
Call us at 1-888-SYNOVUS (796-6887) for assistance in unlocking your account. Say “SBA” when prompted on the menu.

How do I move between screens within the application?
Within the application, you can track your progress by viewing the sections in the column on the left-hand side of the screen. The section names will be highlighted blue once they’re completed. You won’t be able to skip ahead if you haven’t completed the prior screen. Also, you can always click the “Save and come back later” button if you need to finish completing your application at a later time.

I have submitted my PPP loan application, what happens now?
Once you have uploaded all the required documents and submitted your completed application, your loan application will be sent for review. During this time, if one of our processors needs documentation or anything else from you, they will use the Message Center in the customer portal to reach you. If you are sent a message via the Message Center, you will receive an email letting you know there is a message waiting.

I have submitted my application, but I have a question about what documents I still need to upload. How can I get help?
You can use the Message Center in the customer portal to contact your processor for assistance.

Am I able to withdraw my PPP loan application once I have submitted it?
Yes. You can call us at 1-888-SYNOVUS (796-6887) for assistance with the withdrawal process. Please note, however, once the loan has been submitted to the SBA, Synovus only has the ability to withdraw the application while the loan is pending validation with the SBA (typically 24 hours).

Important disclosure information

Your application to participate in the SBA Paycheck Protection Program, including any second draw loans, is subject to review of information and documents the SBA or we may require you to provide. Loan approval is not guaranteed. Synovus will not pay fees to or otherwise compensate anyone acting as an agent of the applicant for advising on or assisting in the preparation of the Paycheck Protection Program application or otherwise.

Synovus will process your application for loan forgiveness as the originating lender for your PPP loan based on the guidance and parameters established by the SBA, which may be subject to change. The SBA, and not Synovus, sets the criteria for loan forgiveness, including the eligibility criteria and the parameters that determine how much of your loan may be forgiven. The SBA may instruct us to hold your loan forgiveness application if it decides to conduct a review of your application, or it may instruct us to deny your loan forgiveness application. In its guidance, the SBA has indicated the reasons why it may decide to review an application for loan forgiveness.