Mortgage FAQs: COVID-19 Disaster Deferment

If you can make your payment, please do so. Although the deferment will not affect your credit score, it is possible it could impact your ability to refinance your loan in the next 12 months.

What do I do if I need help making my Synovus mortgage payments?
Synovus may defer up to 90 days of mortgage payments for borrowers whose income has been impacted by COVID-19. Requests are subject to approval. To apply for deferment, the borrower must submit the request form.

What is a deferment?
A deferment pushes the deferred principal and interest payment to the end of the loan term. The amounts will be due in a lump sum at maturity or payoff, whichever is first. A deferment does not extend the maturity date of the loan; does not change your interest rate or other loan terms; and no additional interest accrues on deferred payments.

What do I do about my escrow?
You can make escrow payments each month during the deferment period, or you may also choose to defer those. If you defer escrow payments, the monthly loan payment will be increased at the next escrow analysis to make up for the shortage. This could result in a significant increase in the next escrow payment.

If you choose to make those payments, please mail them to:

Synovus Bank
PO Box 2868
Columbus, GA 31902-2868

Be sure to note on your payment that it is for escrow and indicate your loan/mortgage number.

You may also make these payments at the bank branch.

Will a deferment affect my credit?
We will report your loan as modified to the credit bureaus. Equifax has advised that absent negative factors such as delinquency, a deferment does not cause negative credit reporting. For more information, contact Equifax at (888) 548-7878.

What do I need to do about my ACH if I’m requesting a deferment?
Processing the deferment will suspend your ACH withdrawal until the next payment is due. This includes the additional principal draft. Your ACH withdrawal will automatically pick back up with the next payment due after the deferment. If, however, you have concerns about an upcoming withdrawal and choose to cancel the draft, you must complete a new ACH form before any further drafts will occur.

Can my banker request the deferment for me?
No, requests must be received from the borrower using the request form.

What should I expect? How long will it take before I get a response to my request?
You will receive a response from within 5 business days. The process will be handled by email. If all necessary information is included in the request, and the request is approved, the email response will include documents for you to sign and return by email.

How will I know the deferment is complete?
We will respond upon receipt of your signed document. If you need additional information, please call mortgage customer service at (800) 803-0803. Before calling, please wait 2 business days after you have returned signed documents.

Can I send one request for all my Synovus loans?
Only deferment requests for mortgage loans serviced by Synovus Bank can be processed through If your mortgage loan was transferred from Florida Community Bank, please send your request to or call (877) 636-4002.

What about my HELOC?
If you have a HELOC or other Synovus loan and wish to request deferment, please contact or Customer Care at 1-888-SYNOVUS (888-796-6887).


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