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Employee Theft: The Whys and Hows

Feb 12, 2021 (updated Apr 24, 2023) • 7 min
Fraud and Risk Management
What You Should Know About Employee Theft
Companies of all sizes experience fraud. But it’s not always an external attack.
Infographic   1 min
Fraud and Risk Management
Prevent Fraud During the Holidays
Fraudsters are making a holiday list. It might include your business. These nine tips will help prevent fraud.
Article   3 min
Fraud and Risk Management
Payment Fraud Statistics You Should Know
Your company works hard for profits. Fraudsters work just as hard to steal them. Are you a target?
Infographic   2 min
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    For over 40 years, Hodges Warehouse + Logistics has provided commercial real estate and warehouse space services in Montgomery, Alabama. Synovus has offered sound, reliable financing through the company’s lean and profitable years, since 2002.

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