Daniel Stone Receives Bobby Flournoy Customer Covenant Award

Columbus, GA - The Bobby Flournoy Customer Covenant award is given to individuals that stand out among customers and/or team members as an individual who delivers the highest level of customer service.

On September 18, the award was presented by CB&T President and CEO Billy Blanchard to Daniel Stone, Manager of the CB&T Bradley Park Branch. This special recognition is named in memory of Bobby Flournoy, who for 23 years served our customers and the community in a way that set the standard for all CB&T team members to follow. Bobby is remembered for building lasting relationships for the bank and lasting friendships with the people he served.

Daniel joined CB&T in 2005 as a Management Associate and is now managing one of CB&T’s largest branches. During the eight years he has worked at CB&T, Daniel has shared his passion for serving customers, family, team members and the community. Recently the director of a local non-profit service organization said, “This young man is always humbly serving, always smiling and always kind.” That commitment to people is what makes Daniel so special. CB&T is proud to honor Daniel with the Bobby Flournoy Customer Covenant Award.