CB&T Partners with South Columbus Elementary for Junior Achievement

CB&T has been a strong supporter of the Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce Partners in Education Program through a partnership with South Columbus Elementary School since 1988. One of the major initiatives that CB&T supports for grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade at South Columbus Elementary is Junior Achievement.

Junior Achievement introduces lessons that help to inspire and prepare children to succeed in a global economy. Using a designed curriculum appropriate for each grade level, CB&T volunteer(s) teach the students about business and entrepreneurship, personal financial literacy, and global workforce readiness. The lessons are aligned with Georgia Performance Standards and help the students to connect their work in the classroom to the business world in their futures.

The programs for grades K-5 teach the basic concepts of business and economics. The lessons are as follows:

Kindergarten – Ourselves – This lesson is designed to develop personal economic concepts through storybook characters in “read-aloud” stories and “hands-on” activities.

1st Grade – Our Families – This lesson is designed to provide practical information about family members and their interdependence.

2nd Grade – Our Community – This lesson explores the interdependent roles of workers in a community and how communities work.

3rd Grade – Our City – This lesson studies different careers, the skills people need to know to work in those careers, and how businesses contribute to a city.

4th Grade – Our Region – This lesson introduces the relationship between the natural, human and capital resources found in different regions and explores regional businesses that produce goods and services for consumers.