Past Community Outreach Winners

Honoring our team matters

We couldn’t be more proud of all Synovus team members who contributed to Here Matters efforts this year.  Here are our previously honored quarterly award winners.

1st Quarter Winner: Family Asset Management (FAM) Team

2016’s first quarter winner was our Family Asset Management (FAM) team! After hearing the founder of the charity:water organization, Scott Harrison, speak at a leadership forum, the group was inspired to raise money to construct a well in a village in northern Africa. Setting an ambitious fundraising goal of $10,000, the team planned numerous fundraising events. On World Water Day, the team conducted a “Jerry Can Relay,” where FAM team members carried a 45-pound plastic jug of fresh water along the Chattahoochee Riverwalk to Golden Park and back to boost awareness of their cause. Their efforts clearly worked—the FAM team exceeded its goal and raised $15,555.

2nd Quarter Winner: Synovus Information Technology Division

The Information Technology Division was another winner recognized in the first quarter for demonstrating extraordinary teamwork. This past June, our Information Technology Division donated 19,000 of the more than 204,000 bottles of water collected during a week-long bottled water drive. While the team did not collect the most water, their determination and collaboration set them apart.  On top of their on-going, heavy project load, the team supervised and managed the caravan of trucks needed to deliver the collected water to the storage area. Once on site, the team formed a "bucket brigade" to efficiently move all the cases of water to the required storage area.

2nd Quarter Winner: Laurie Hatch, Senior Investment Operations Specialist, Synovus Trust

Laurie Hatch, Senior Investment Operations Specialist for Synovus Trust, and a co-worker were taking a walk during lunch and came across a man who was contemplating suicide by jumping off a bridge. Laurie approached the man and urged him to reconsider, saying that she would buy him a meal if he would come down. Although he was clearly distressed, Laurie remained calm and focused until local officials were able to assist the man. This is one of many instances that highlight Laurie’s unwavering care for others. Her ongoing outreach, including regularly feeding those in need simply because it is the right thing to do, is a testament to her character.