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Welcome Sunrise Bank Customers

 As you may know, on May 10, 2013, Sunrise Bank was closed, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) transferred Sunrise Bank’s accounts to Synovus Bank, headquartered in Columbus, GA.   Synovus Bank operates as twenty-nine banking divisions across the Southeast. Sunrise Bank branches will be operated by local divisions of Synovus Bank: Bank of North Georgia (Atlanta), First State Bank and Trust (Valdosta), and CB&T Bank of Middle Georgia (Jeffersonville).

We know you have questions about what’s going to happen to your account, funds and other deposits, and we want you to know your deposits are safe and remain readily available to you. Your accounts with Synovus Bank are insured to the maximum coverage provided by the FDIC.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Bank as you normally would.
  • Continue to use your existing checks. 
  • Continue using your check card and ATM card.
  • All Direct Deposits and automatic debits will continue to process as usual.

If you have any questions about this information, please call your branch, which is now being operated by a local division of Synovus Bank:

  • Atlanta: Bank of North Georgia (404) 249-6500
  • Jeffersonville: CB&T Bank of Middle Georgia (478) 945-3262
  • Valdosta: First State Bank and Trust (229) 242-3522

Over the next few weeks, we will be working diligently to transition your account. We do not expect this transition to cause you an inconvenience, and we appreciate your continued business.

We understand you may have many questions about the assumption of former Sunrise Bank customer deposits. Please click on the links below for more information or visit the FDIC’s website.

Once again, please continue banking as usual. You will be notified prior to any changes to your accounts. We expect to begin moving accounts later this year to our banking system, at which time our full suite of banking products and services will be available to you.

Each and every one of our team members is eager to get to know you and serve all of your banking needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  Will my checking accounts or loans change?

A:  At this time you should continue to use your accounts as you have in the past. At this time, your account number will remain the same. You should continue to use your checks, check card and ATM card as you have in the past. You should continue to make payments on your loan in the same manner as you have in the past.

  Will my accounts remain FDIC insured?

A:  Synovus Bank accounts are insured to the maximum limits allowed by the FDIC. If you have concerns about your FDIC coverage, please contact the FDIC or call your branch.

  What do I need to do now?

A:  Nothing at this time.  We will make every effort to have a seamless conversion that does not interrupt any banking activities. You will be notified prior to any changes or necessary actions.

  • Checks:  At a later date, you will receive information in the mail concerning checks. Until you receive new checks you should continue to use the checks you have.
  • ATM & Check Card:  At a later date you will receive more information concerning ATM and/or debit cards. Until then you should continue to use your current card(s).
  • Online Banking & Bill Payment:  For the present time you will continue to access online banking and bill pay as you have in the past.

Q:  Will my branch remain open and operate with the same hours?

A:  Yes. At this time the previous branches of Sunrise Bank will continue daily operations as they have in the past. You will receive notification should any changes occur in the future.

  What will happen with direct deposit and automatic debits?

A:  These will process as usual.  You will not be required to do anything for direct deposit or automatic debit transactions.

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