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What You Need to Know About the Target Breach

Target recently announced a data security breach in its U.S. stores that resulted in the compromise of card transactions for in-store purchases from November 27 through December 15.

We quickly identified our customers whose check and/or credit card(s) may have been compromised and have decided to reissue cards for these customers. If you’ve been identified as part of this group, you will be contacted in the coming days with details about your card reissue. This does not mean fraud has been committed against your account.  We are simply taking extra steps to protect you from potential future fraud.

As always, we encourage you to regularly review your account(s) for unusual activity, and contact us at the number on the back of your card(s) if you find any fraudulent transactions. Also, when an event like this occurs, other fraudsters often attempt new ways to steal your personal and account information. Please remember we will never ask you for your full card number, personal identification number (PIN) or other personal information by phone, email or text message. For more information on protecting yourself against identity theft and fraud, visit the Safety and  Security section of our site.

In response to this incident, Target has created a website with information on the breach.