Corporate Governance


Committee Composition


The Board has five standing committees each of which, except the Executive Committee, is comprised solely of independent directors as defined by the Listing Standards of the New York Stock Exchange. A majority of the Executive Committee’s members qualify as independent directors.






& Nominating



Catherine A. Allen      
Tim E. Bentsen (Chair)    
Stephen T. Butler        
Elizabeth W. Camp (Chair)  
T. Michael Goodrich   (Chair)  
V. Nathaniel Hansford    
Jerry W. Nix      
Harris Pastides        
Joseph J. Prochaska, Jr.     (Chair)
Kessel D. Stelling         (Chair)
Melvin T. Stith        
Barry L. Storey        
Philip W.  Tomlinson        

*Ex Officio committee comprised of Chairman of the Board, Lead Director and Chairs of Standing Committees




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