Sound management begins

          with a COMPREHENSIVE PLAN


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A goal-oriented approach

Whether you want a complete financial plan or a more specific solution, our first step is to understand your needs. Together we explore your risk tolerance, goals, time horizon and other concerns. We carefully review your financial documents, such as bank and investment statements, insurance policies, wills and tax returns. We then consider how your success could be affected by outside influences, such as life expectancy, the market environment, inflation estimates and other economic factors. This foundation of knowledge is the key to helping you achieve your objectives.

A thorough plan of action

A Synovus financial plan recommends specific, practical steps to help shape the financial future you envision, and can address these five areas:

  • Asset allocation analysis forms the foundation of any financial plan. In fact, determining the right mix of stocks, bonds, cash and other asset classes may be one of the most important investment decisions.
  • Retirement planning analysis calculates your retirement needs, taking into consideration assets, expenses, saving rates, expected rate of return and various sources of income. This analysis can reveal whether you are on track to retiring when you want, the way you want.
  • Education funding analysis provides a plan for achieving your dreams for your children. It projects savings requirements and helps you choose from a variety of investment vehicles.
  • Risk management analysis illustrates ways to protect your family from unexpected events. Upon thorough evaluation, we may recommend the insurance coverage best suited to your needs.
  • Estate planning analysis offers sophisticated strategies that help you transfer assets to family members or favorite charities. It can protect your legacy against unwanted outcomes and unnecessary tax liabilities.

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