Corporate Governance

Our vision at Synovus is to be the finest financial services company in the world. Achieving that vision begins with an unwavering commitment to our corporate values:

 treating people the way we want to be treated,
 providing customers the highest level of service and satisfaction, and
 creating shareholder value through solid business strategies based on customer needs.

Governance Documents

 Corporate Governance Guidelines  Bylaws
 Code of Business Conduct  Articles of Incorporation
 Stock Ownership Guidelines  

The Board has five standing committees each of which, except the Executive Committee, is comprised solely of independent directors as defined by the Listing Standards of the New York Stock Exchange. A majority of the Executive Committee’s members qualify as independent directors.


 Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee  Compensation Committee
 Audit Committee - Synovus  Executive Committee
 Risk Committee  Audit Committee - Synovus Bank
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Contact Us

To contact the Synovus Board about a corporate governance matter, please email

(706) 649-3555
(800) 240-1242

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